Locations of Pan Yards in Trinidad for Carnival 2017


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Bands Panorama Tune Arranger/s Pan Yard
Bird Song Pan Kingdom Mia Gormandy Tunapuna
Desperadoes Good Morning Carlton "Zanda" Alexander Frederick St, Port of Spain.
Exodus Good Morning Pelham Goddard/ Terrance
Eastern Main Rd, St. Augustine.
Fonclaire Panorama Soldier
Ken "Professor" Philmore
65 Dottin St., San Fernando
Harmonites Not Competing Earl La pierre Eastern Main Rd. Barataria
Invaders Full Extreme Arddin Herbert Queens Park Oval, 
La Brea Nightingales We Are Conquerors Tyrell Marcelle Point Sable Rd, La Brea.
Phase II Pan Groove Red, White, and Black .Len "Boogsie" Sharpe
Hamilton St, Woodbrook.
Port of Spain.
Redemption Sound Setters Not Competing Michel Toby/ Darren Sheppard Montgomery Rd., Bethel, Tobago.
Renegades Good Morning Duvone Stewart
138 Charlotte St., Port of Spain
Silver Stars We Are Conquerors .Liam Teague 56 Tragarete Rd., Port of Spain.
Skiffle Good Morning Marc Brooks/ Kendall Williams/Odie Franklin Coffee St. San Fernando
Starlift Good Morning Robert Greenidge Christopher Samuel Drive, Muccurapo Road.
Supernovas Rumble in the Jungle Amrit Samaroo Surrey Village, Lopinot Rd., Arouca.
Trinidad All Stars
Full Extreme Leon "Smooth" Edwards 46-48 Duke St., Port of Spain
Tropical Angel Harps   Single Clarence Morris Main Road, Enterprise Village, Chaguanas.