The Inspiration Place Cafe


“The Inspiration Place Café is on a mission to inspire lives through great food in an environment which is guaranteed to ease the stresses of the work day and leave you inspired to go out and conquer the world! The Inspiration Place Café brings you a feeling of a Caribbean escape which uniquely and seamlessly combines a variety of delicious traditional Caribbean dishes; Creole and Indian cuisine. The atmosphere is cool, friendly and relaxed, as is the staff and offers the food, drink and atmosphere you would find in the islands. This Cafe offers a mouthwatering authentic and traditional Caribbean menu with food that is healthy, tasty, and beautifully presented portions that are always generous. This business owned Café operated by a mother and her two daughters cater to groups and offices in the surrounding areas and will customize orders based on specific needs. Takeout orders are also available. The Inspiration Place Cafe's are located in Port of Spain, the capital city of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago where this city serves primarily as a retail and administrative center. Our family-friendly Café offers you a Caribbean environment which serves lunch every day of the week between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm.  Breakfast is also available. If you are in Port of Spain, and you are in the mood for great cuisine, be sure to check out The Inspiration Place Café at their location; Government Campus Plaza Parkade in the downtown area. 




Government Campus Plaza Parkade
1 Richmond Street, (Near Independence square)
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Open from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Tel: 868-796-0914
Tel: 868-767-8603


Just wanted to add my piece. Today I came to the Parkade and bought lunch by you... a small rice, coo, callaloo, stew chicken and fresh salad.. yum... I enjoyed the feeling when the person was taking out my lunch.. the individual attention like she was there just to serve A very nice person. Also when I put the first spoon of food in my mouth I could tell that it was made with mummy used to make.  The food was delicious.  Thank you for the experience. And Happy Anniversary!!!
Sherry-Ann Davidson