About the owner continues

Sales have picked up so much since the introduction of the saltfish pizza, that Anthony now has a rotating cadre of six temporary workers. The working hours allows her staff time with their families, as she opens Wednesday to Saturday from noon to 10 pm.

'It feels good knowing that I began something on a lark and now it's a sustainable business and it can generate employment for people within my own community. She soon learned that selling pizzas with "bounty-full toppings" in her community was more profitable.

"They loved it. I surprisingly loved it," she said of her experiment. "I really didn't think it would taste that good. I thought initially people would be questioning the idea of, 'saltfish on a pizza?' Which is exactly what they did, but then after their curiosity and anticipation kicked in, they tasted it and the reviews have been awesome”.

A natural go-getter, Anthony then decided to take the tasting to the people, namely corporate La Brea and the surrounding schools, many of whom became supportive customers. Her service now includes delivery to as far as Point Fortin.

So what's in the cards for Anthony and her business?

"Listen to my customers, improve on my service, what we offer and come up with other delicious, fun, out-of-the-box toppings to keep our existing customers...and the new ones, smiling."