Caribbean & USA Carnival Schedule, 2017

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Antiqua Grenada New Orleans St. Vincent and the Grenadines
July 28th – Aug 8th August 8th & 9th Nov. 1st & 2nd June 24th - Jul 5th
Atlanta Guyana (Mashramani) Notting Hill (London, UK) Tampa Caribbean Festival
Saturday, May 25th Thursday, Feb. 23rd August, 27th & 28th Saturday, April 22nd
Bahamas (Junkanoo) Carnival Haiti (Kanaval) Ocala (Florida) Toronto Carnival (Caribana)
Sunday, Jan 1st Feb. 27th & 28th Sunday, Sept 3th July 17th - July 31st
Barbados (Crop Over) Houston Orlando Virginia Carib Fest
Monday, Aug 6th Saturday, May 27th Sunday, May 26th Saturday, Aug 12th
Belize Carnival Jacksonville Philadelphia, PA Washington DC/Baltimore
Saturday, Sep 9th Saturday, Aug. 12th Saturday, June 17th July 9th -10th
Boston Jamaica (Bacchanal) St. Croix West Palm Beach
Saturday, Aug 26th Sunday April 23rd .Dec 19th-Jan 2nd Saturday, June 17th
Brooklyn, NY (Labor Day) Los Angeles St. Lucia Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Monday, Sep 4th June 23rd- 26th July 18th & 19th Sunday August, 27th
Cambridge Miami St. Maarten  
Saturday, Sept 9th Sunday, October 8th .April 17th – May 3rd  
Columbia (SC) Montreal (Carifiesta) St. Thomas  
Sunday, June 4th Monday, July 1st April 2nd - April 30th  


Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Schedule, 2008 thru 2020

2008 - February 4th & 5th. 2015 - February 16th & 17th  
2009 - February 23rd & 24th. 2016 - February 8th & 9th.  
2010 - February 15th & 16th. 2017 - February 27th & 28th.  
2011 - March 7th & 8th. 2018 - February 12th & 13th.  
2012 - February 20th & 21st. 2019 - March 4th & 5th.  
2013 - February 11th & 12th. 2020 - February 24th & 25th.  
2014 - March 3rd & 4th