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A synopsis of the Steel pan

Today Steel pans are built using sheet metal. Historically, steelpans have been built from used oil barrels. Nowadays, many instrument makers do not rely on used steel containers and get the resonance bodies manufactured according to their preferences and technical specifications. Our shop produces steel pans that empathize quality and longevity. View a short video of the Pan Shop below

Steel pans

Single Tenor/Soprano Pan


Was US$1,200.00
Now on Sale for US$850.00

Double Tenor/Soprano Pans


Was US$1,599.00
Now on Sale for S$1,175.00

Double Guitar/Cello Pans


Was US$1,699.00
Now on Sale for S$1,240.00

Double Second Pans


Was US$1,599.00
Now on Sale for US 1,175.00

Triple Guitar or Cello Pans


Was US$2,159.00
Now on Sale for S$1,845.00

Bass Pans

Available on request, please contact us for more details.


Breakdown Painted Stand


Was US$175.00
Now on Sale for US $135.00

Collapsible Aluminum Std

Was US$220.00
Now on Sale for US $175.00

Single Pan Case


Was US$210.00 
Now on Sale for US $185.00

These steel pans should be shipped in pan cases for safety and protection. Prices quoted below include shipping to the Caribbean, Canada, and the US. Please contact us if you are not located in any of these countries.