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Carnival Schedules
2015 Carnival Schedules in the USA and the Caribbean

Going on Vacation or a Cruise to St. Maarten. Reserve your private Bus or Mini Van Tour. Read more...

Trinidad & Tobago 2015 Carnival Calendar of Events
New York
Brooklyn J'ouvert and Labor Day Carnival 2014

Trinidad & Tobago
Streets of the World
Uniting cultures from around the world to create the entertainment mecca of the Caribbean (In Trinidad).
By Derek Chin

To my TnT friends:
What you need to know About T&T

T &T Telephone Directory

Featuring A Legendary Caribbean Achiever
The first West Indian to win a Nobel prize and the first black person to win a Nobel prize in a category other than peace.
Excerpts from Miami Broward One Carnival 2014

The Caribbean

Caribbean People, their culture and history of the Caribbean Islands

ome Public and National Holidays in the Caribbean Islands

What your US dollar is worth in the Caribbean?

Caribbean Nations Consulates for New York and Miami

Favorite Caribbean Recipes

Need a Handyman?
Our handyman services range from installing a ceiling fan, tile work, drywall repairs, carpentry to a complete bathroom remodel. Free Estimates

The Honorable Dr. Eric Eustace Williams Medical and Health Tips

Palm trees
Caribbean Affairs Inc.